zaterdag 23 juni 2012

here it is

First things first: a warm welcome to Simon and Debora!

Debora does beautiful carving, as you can see for yourself looking at for instance the carved mirror she made from scratch and the wooden table she made is to die for, and and and....; really works of art! Pay attention to how detailed every piece is, and that in this scale!

Simon is making his own house and decorating it, too.
On his blog  you  can see his drawing room, dining room and a lot more! I lovvvve the golden yellow wallpapering and the atmosphere in his rooms. His furniture is gorgeous!

I am really overwhelmed and touched that you, my models and dear followers, take time from your busy lives to follow my blog.
Thank you so much!

Last week I hardly found time to do any mini, it was a hectic week for several reasons.
But, a promise is a promise and so I did some rescheduling and made time to do some work on the tabletop.

Yesterday I took the tape off; it is far, far from perfect but decided to finish it anyway.

I carefully sanded the wrong stain off after all, and after cleaning with a damp cloth, stained the whole tabletop.
Transparent, as I meant to do in the first place.

After drying I slightly sanded using steelwool 0000, I still have to give it another coat of stain.
And then it's destination is either on the bottom of a drawer or the bin.
But it was a good experiment and I have learned a lot from it.
However this will be the last picture I post on the subject.

Haven't got any legs to go with the tabletop yet, maybe I will attach some somewhere in the future.

My special thanks to John, Ray and Giac for their sweet and positive, stimulating and uplifting comments!

Here it finally is:

This is the only picture I could use out of 20 that came with a big shiny part, as I have stained it in  gloss finish.

I wont do anything mini for a while, going to do repairs and painting on my
real life house and enjoying summer in between chores.

I wish you all a great weekend, a wonderful summer and encourage you to do all the things I wouldn't do ;)!


Just one question though:
would 3 chandeliers on a ceiling of 1 room be too much?
measurements of the room are approx. 23 inch deep, 17 inch wide and almost 11 inch high.
what do you think?

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  1. Hi Gee
    Thanks for the lovely welcome.
    I am really intrigued by your projects and can''t wait to see more.
    As for the chandeliers, I guess it might depend on the amount of arms, or whether they were to be in one line down the centre of the ceiling? Honesty is the best poilicy and I think it may be a little too much. However, I'm no expert and the whole point of this wonderful hobbie is that there are no rules.
    Have a great weekend and good luck with you RL chores

  2. Hello Gee!
    Congraturlations to you! I knew you would prevail. Your "top" looks wonderful! Bottom of a drawer or bin.........absolutely not! That top is worthy of being finished and displayed proudly.
    As to three chandeliers, it depends on what the room is going to be and how large the chandeliers are. In my humble opinion three would not overwhelm if not too large.
    Have a great Summer! Will be watching for next post.
    Warm regard and Hug from Ray

  3. Hi Ray,
    About the tabletop, I don't know if it is the picture or you being such a sweet person (my suspicion is it is the second option) but the tabletop is a failure, alas.
    But I really don't mind,I'll just go on veneering until I do succeed in making a good piece.
    But thanks for your ever so sweet comment!

  4. Hi Simon,
    Thanks for your comment and I am relieved that you would like to see more! :)
    If memory serves me right the chandeliers have 6 arms each (or 8) and they are to be in one line down the centre of the ceiling.
    They are not overdone big but by no means small.
    The room is to be the "Sael" in the house (post mei 2010 or May 2010), a room used to have parties in or a(costumed) ball, and also a room to impress.
    My fear is that it is too much when all lights are lit.
    It is an awfull lot of lights for 1 room.
    Guess I have to try before I put them in place permanently.

  5. Hi Gee!
    I am so impressed by your veneer. You have done an amazing job and should be proud of your efforts! I would never have had the the guts to try something like that so I am especially impressed by your work.

    As far as the chandeliers go, my personal motto is: it's not done until it's OVERDONE. so maybe I should not be asked? Anyway... I could see three chandeliers hanging in repetition if they were fabulous and small --three or four arms tops or it would be 'over-kill.'' I'm just saying. But perhaps one fab-by fixture would be better? It's so hard to tell... go with your gut and you won't go wrong!

    1. Hi John!
      I SO agree on your motto! To be totally honest I wanted 6 light fixtures on the walls as well... and my fear is I WILL go wrong when I go with my gut feeling, just because it is never too much as far as I'm concerned.
      But maybe it will look more like a brothel then instead of a period house.But I want the chic look, not the cheap look so I'll have to get a grip on myself.
      Hmz... decisions, decisions..
      Thanks for your input,anyway, I will give it a careful thought, as I will the other opinions.
      And thanks for your sweet words on the veneer; however I am convinced if you would give it a try yours would look sooo much better.


  6. Hi Gee,
    From me also a big thanks for welcoming me. And I totally agree with Ray, try to find or make some legs for the top. It is really not as bad as you might think! It is really very fine and delicate and i love the colors and contrast! My guess is it's cos you've been at it for such a time, that all you can see are the flaws? But dont feel discouraged about it, I have it all the time too.

    It's actually a good thing; just take all you're not pleased with into account the next time you do some inlay again. I have no doubt your next piece will be even better. And to let you in on some; i have kept all my (half finished flaw-) pieces and never ever -for one minute- thought of throwing them in the bin! Some are kept on a tiny sill in my workshop so I can look at 'm once in a while. For me they are a big boost, to do better each time i start anew. Just remember you are your own worst critique.

    Hope you won't be long this summer, and find the time to do more miniature work soon! Till then all the best with keeping up the house and enjoying (if you stay at home our Dutch) summer. Let's hope it's a warm & sunny one this year!!!

    1. Hi Debora!
      Thanks for your kind comment :D
      I'll see what I will do with the tabletop; I will give it a rest and then see what to do with it.
      At the moment I've lost all interest in it.
      It is not that I am too critical of my own makings, I think pleasure in making things and trying out new ideas is key.
      It should be entertaining, and not feel like work.
      I'm trying to find out what I did wrong, so I can improve it in future. That is what is bothering me because, not to brag, I am convinced I can do better.
      Haha, what pops into my mind, LOL, where it comes down to is my post is all about ego and frustration :D
      Writing a blog really is an eyeopener hahaha..
      Thanks for the hart onder de riem, appreciate it!

  7. Hello Gee,
    How are you? The tabletop is lovely. You might say it's not perfect, I say it looks like a real antique piece. I think it could look beautiful with legs, and if you're not all that happy you could cover parts of it with objects...but I definetely think it looks good.

    As for chandeliers, I think 3 could look quite nice in a room if they are not too big. My Music Room and Library both measure 36 inches by 20 inches. I aam putting in 2 large chadeliers in each room, and when I tested the 2 in the library, each chandelier has 8 bulbs, I realized that I will need sconces and lamps because the room is still too dark. I siggest you take cardboard and draw youe chandelier to scale with measurements. cut 3 out and just hold them in place with masking tape and you'll see if 3 is too much....I also love one larger chandelier in the middle and smaller ones on each end. As long as the style is similar I think it looks wonderful.
    Enjoy the summer, but Don't stay away too long,
    Big hug,

  8. Hi Giac, I am fine, thanks!
    After reading your last post ''mini'' has gotten a whole new dimension, and I am so exited for the both of you!
    Brings back memories of when my kids were tiny, best time of my life!
    Glad your holiday has been a good one,and an inspirational one as well.

    The past month I did not do any miniaturing; however I am working on those cabriole legs for the tabletop.
    I am not making pictures of this because I want you all to think the first attempt was good (Grinnn I really am so childish, having fun over this in the middle of the night behind the laptop :D).
    Anyway, we'll see what it looks like with legs attached.
    Thank you for your opinion/advice regarding the chandeliers, I will certainly follow your suggestions.
    Hope you will have a wonderful summer too, or what is left of summer.
    Take care and big a hug back,

  9. Hi Gee,love the work!!Miniregards from sunny Spain.

  10. Hi Sonia, Thank you for your very kind reaction!