zaterdag 16 april 2016

update flowers and leaves

Hello Gorgeous People With Great Taste :)
A quick update: still working on the flowers & leafs, progress is slow because every flower gets several paints; taking in consideration that the paint has to be dry before I do anther layer AND I'm only working on it when there is leftover time between daily -things-I-just-have-to-do-allthough-I-would-rather-just-do-the-mini.

Several flowers and leafs are already finished.
I'm not going to show you every flower that is finished, IMHO that is soooo boring....but I will show you the endresult of course.
However, still have to make quite some flowers/leafs to make a full bouquet, perhaps not every flower I make will make it to the bouquet, we'll see what looks best.

Well, you are informed, have a fantastic weeekend,