zaterdag 16 juni 2012

War on veneer 2

Well, I was really disappointed when writing the last post but the comments of you guys, Ray and John, let me see things in perspective again; thanks!

Speaking of disappointments.. I was watching the football match (for the European Competition) between Holland and Germany last Wednesday evening on TV.
Mind you, I am not a sports fan by any means, I get tired by even looking at it and only watch some of the matches that are played for the European Championship or the World Cup.

It is a quite amusing pastime to look at 22 sweaty, muscular men running like madmen across a field, doing some silly little dance whenever a goal is scored. 
When our national team wins, its party-time all over the country and that is fun, if only for the way people dress up.
On that (nowadays rare) occasions the whole country seems to unite and that always makes me wonder why people just don't act that way all year round.

Anyway, 11.4 million people in Holland watched the national team lose the game.
So there was a sort of collective disappointment in our country on Thursday.

Not sure if the disappointment was about losing the match or about the abort of parties though.
On Friday everything was back as usual again.
So far on disappointments and perspective.

On topic again:
The veneer arrived today!
Look at this:

Now isn't this gorgeous?
Personally I think it is just beauuuuutiful!
And it is soft as silk, too.
I don't know the correct translation for it, but I suppose it is something like Olive Oyster veneer. It is a slice of root from the olive tree.

I will only use part of the center, already sanded a few millimeters off and cut it to size, will glue the veneered top on tomorrow, keeping my fingers crossed!
Next step is to dry it thoroughly, because I have moistened some of the veneer.
When dry I will show you pictures again.

Have a great weekend and don't do anything I wouldn't do!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful piece of wood you have there, Gee! Good luck with it!

  2. Thanks from a super pleased
    Gee :)

  3. The veneer looks de-li-cious! And so do 22 sweaty men too sometimes :) Ooh well, just kidding, I'm glad we got this over and done... I mean... I had to use the rest room at Schiphol the other day and there was orange toilet paper!?!?

    Keen to see you progress

  4. LOL Debora, I agree... though the orange paper must have made your visit a festive one ;)
    I read your post on the IGMA School with interest; thanks for posting the pics, beautiful items and your mirror fits in there nicely!