zondag 12 mei 2013

What I did and why not

Good to see you again dear readers,

A very warm welcome to the new followers!
I very much appreciate and encourage your input on all levels and am always happy with your comments.
So please don't be a stranger :)

We have had some pretty days over here, temperature-wise, so I have been
tidy-ing up the garden -not finished yet- and did not work on the house much.
However, I did do something:

This is my house as it looked like on delivery, without the backrooms, and in the picture you can see where the bedchamber will be positioned; the powder-room will be located behind the bedchamber, but as said, you can't see that on this picture.

I have made a cherry veneer floor for the bedchamber and the powderroom.
The thresholds will be added when the doors are finished and in place, same thing goes for the plinths.
I gave the floors some wear and tear, I kinda like that.

The good news is I have found a solution for the wallpaper I designed, I managed to get it on the walls using transfer paper.
In hindsight that is so simple, don't know why that did not come to mind earlier.

The bad news is seeing the wallpaper in place I don't like it AT all!
The pattern is too busy or too plain or too bleak, anyways, it is not what I would want in my own bedroom , and that is more or less the criterion.
So without hesitation, out of the window it goes!

At first I wanted to panel all walls of this room in cherry wood, but although I just luvvv cherry (it can look  ever so sophisticated) I thought it might make the room too dark to my liking.
So then I came up with this wallpaper idea.
Well, now I have come up with another idea.
But I keep the cherry on the backhand in case I am horrified by the next attempt.
So, although this looks like an update, there is not really much change :(
Ah, but it's a good blog filler grinnnnn :D

In my last post I mentioned the beds I have got in my stash, I have the choice between these three fourposters -'cos I am just a sucker for fourposters-:

very plain... but, using bed hangings and all, you won't actually see the bed anyway

And there's these two beds I once bought at a fair:

last but not least:

I have known which bed I am going to use since the moment I bought it, but I am keeping it a secret for now; all three of them have potential.

When at first thinking about a bedchamber it was kind of a given that the bed would be placed in an alcove; I let that plan go as well; why doing all the work of decorating a bed when it is in an alcove and can hardly be seen?

And yes, it IS going to be a lot of work to dress whatever bed will be the chosen one; with the little time I have to spend on the house, it will take me months.
On the other hand: that is a nice teaser to leave you with :)

As soon as I have anything finished, the game tables, the powder room or the bedchamber, I will see you again on this blog.
'Till then, and in the meantime: take care of yourself and enjoy the spring/summer.