donderdag 14 maart 2013

Ivory and inconveniences

Hello dear readers,

this will be a short post without capitals.

first to my new followers: welcome aboard!
i hope you will like reading my blog and also hope you'll freely share your opinions and ideas here.

i have not been very active lately as i discovered pinterest and that took far more time than i had planned.

however, i found some ivory i bought years back and decided to play a bit with that.
just to get the feel of it and see if it is hard to handle.
i made a face shield to be held in front of the face when the wig was being powdered.

more on that procedure in another post.

i am typing this post using just the index finger of my left hand -while i am right handed- because i had a little accident while cooking meat.
to make a long dull story short: i burnt my hand and won't be able to use it for a while.

nothing serious but thought i'd let you know why i am not posting for the next weeks.
it takes forever to type this way lol.

take care and don't do as i do, dear readers, hope to talk to you again soon.