Not all paintings visible-an explanation

In recent years I have purchased some real little paintings that will find their place in my house.

But those are not enough to fill the rooms by far.
For decades I have been a great admirer of a painter, in my vast opinion the best painter alive today.
And not just that, the best painter in -literally- ages.
So I had my heart and mind set on these images.

As I don't want to steal someone else's work by bluntly copying from the internet,
I contacted this painter and asked for permission to download some of his work to use in my dollhouse and put on it on my blog.
He got back to me in a very friendly e-mail, and told me he is OK with me downloading his work for use in the DH, prohibited I do not show the works on the internet and do not mention this artists name.
I fully understand and respect this.

So I will work the pictures in a way you will only see a white or a dark space in those picture frames.
I am sorry I cannot show you his magnificent work but a deal is a deal.
Thought I'd give you an explanation on what to expect on forehand.


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