zondag 11 november 2012

Storage room floor

Dear Readers,

This weekend I've added another year to my curriculum and decided to use that day to finish the storage room floor.

I will work on the age-ing when the rest of the room is finished.

The next post will probably be when the room is finished.

First thing I will do now is working with Fimo to make enough vegetables and whatever pops into mind.
Fimo or polymer clay is fun and easy to work with.
For those of you who want to have a go with Fimo or another polymer clay, there are some how-to's on the tutorial-page on the right, and numerous to be found on the internet.
If you never worked with Fimo before, give it a try and amaze yourself!

Do not bake Fimo or another polymer clay in an oven you use for food, because of it's fumes.
I have bought a little oven for about 10 dollar, just to bake Fimo objects in.

Take care and don't forget to have fun!

I forgot to mention that I did the grouting with  a mix of Alabastine and grey chalk

woensdag 7 november 2012


Dear Readers,

Tonight is the night in which America chooses who will be their president for the next four years.
The television is on in the background, I hear the anchorman talk about exit polls and swing states; meanwhile I am occupied with other choices: what to do with the floor of the storage room!
Not of very much importance to the world, but I decided it is a dilemma that can't be postponed any longer.

Above is the wooden floor I made before

This is a slate floor, made from a paper sheet

As I like to have something to choose from, I also had a go with tiles again.
This time I made the tiles half the height of the ones I made before, and painted them in a terracotta color.

The tiles are of a darker color in real, the flash chances the color a bit.

I guess the wood floor is too dark, I kinda like the faux slate and I also like the terracotta.

I don't want the storage room to look all shiny and new, but old, used and neglected.
So I'll try the terracotta and when it is not to my satisfaction I'll go with the slate.

I also ordered the wine/beer barrels, but they did not arrive yet.
So far, so good.
As for election night, may the best man win!
Hasta la vista!