maandag 28 oktober 2013

Confession and the double doors

Hi All,

I hope you are all well; we've had a terrible storm today so the weather was perfect for doing a bit of mini -as long as you're inside the house of course :) -.
I saw on the news the weather in England was awful too, hope you are all well over there, and still have the electricity working.

In the header it says; confession, so here we go: can't remember where, but I know in the past I've made quite a big deal about the look of dollhouses often not being
very accurate, time-wise. Too elaborate, too rich, too expensive, often suitable for kings or queens but not for 'normal' folk.
Not that that really matters, your house is decorated in the style you like.
For me, I always wanted a house that is decorated in the way it really looked like back then.

But.... if I would follow that to the letter, the house would end up pretty empty
and with not much glamour.
And I am beyond fond of glamour and blingbling, darlings, in such a way  that I finally compelled to this heartfelt craving. 

However, to keep the Jekyll & Hyde of my inner self in balance, the rooms used by staff will be very poor.

So, be warned, some kitsch will be coming your way when you continue reading this blog  :D

Today I have done some work on the double doors that will be connecting the bedchamber and the powder room.
At first I wanted a door with glass inserts, but in the end I preferred closed doors,
mainly because there will be double doors with fake glass inserts to the balcony adjoining the powder room.

I used jewelry findings á la Ray*, and this is the result so far:

Don't know yet if I will add extra findings later on, maybe some wood strips here and there, but for now this is it.

I have been working on the walls and ceiling last week but can't show you the progress yet, I am still working on the ornaments. As is it is all not very exciting yet.
But towards revealing the room I will show you more pics.

Take care and keep on mini-ing!

*courtesy to Ray Whitledge for posting the jewelry finding how-to on his blog