donderdag 23 augustus 2012


Hi everyone and welcome to my new followers!

I have been real busy these past weeks; on the days that it was too warm
to my liking (like last Monday when it was 27 C or yesterday (25 C)
I did not do anything but drink and appreciate my airco, my God do I love that thing!
I assure you all, the person that invented the airconditioning deserves the Nobel peace prize!
These temperatures make me feel real humble for what nature is capable of.
I watched the flowers bloom, such a simple thing really, but have been too busy the past years to really notice them.
Here's a glimpse of my garden:

No bold colors in my garden, it's all white, pink and red (in winter). ................    
I did a real bad job trimming the buxus hedges this year so I will spare you the 
    sight of that.

Of course I saw the English Queen jump out of a helicopter on TV (is that cool or what?) and our Epke Zonderland win a gold medal on the Olympics.
Owh, what am I talking about... you probably all heard my sounds of encouragement (or, well, my yellling go..go..go!!!) and it obviously helped ;) You're welcome, Epke, excellent achievement!

In between chores, I managed to sort out miniature stuff,  finding all sorts of minis that I totally forgot I had! Instant happiness..
Did a little bit on mini too.
Okay, I admit, just a really, really tiny bit; I've put together some McQueenie mini's and paper minis and did a bit of work on the toy-shop. Also made legs for the table.
And, surprise surprise ! I even found the other little painting for a firescreen, that one that I forgot where I had put it, so it was not eaten by my cats after all!
Come to think of it, they DID seem to have a genuine innocent face when I had a ferm talk with them about the subject; but cats... you never know for sure as long as you are the food-provider.
I'll show a picture of the makings in the next post.

Still have to paint the downstairs ceiling of my real life house, help my daughter install a new bed, redo her room and redecorate my sons room, but I am getting there (though I do believe I need a holiday LOL).

After reading your inspirational posts and re-finding my minis miniatures are calling again; I decided I will work on some little items and the small backrooms first, because when that is finished I can turn the house around to work on the bigger front rooms AND my dearly beloved cats can't get into the finished rooms that way.

I really made an effort to follow your posts but not sure if none slipped through.
You are all improving your already outstanding work by every post,  please keep posting!

P.S.: So nice you can all reply now on your blogs, it is more like having a real conversation with each other this way. I like it!!