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How to make icicles:
Ventilate the room in which you work well until the icicles are dry.
Take a piece of clear fishing line.
Attach the wire from left to right over the upside of an empty box,
Tape the wire ends tight to the outsides of the box.
Take a tube of clear drying glue (I used Velpon) and put a line of glue on the fishing line.
Let dry.
Again let drops of glue fall on the line, you'll see that'' icicles'' form.
Let dry.
Repeat again for even longer icicles.
let dry thoroughly.
And voila, there are your icicles.
when the glue is completely dry you can cut the thread with icicles to the length you need and with a few tiny drops of superglue it can be attached to a roof or whatever you want your icicles to be on.
To make it even more realistic you could add fake snow on top of the wire.

Here you'll find a lot about polymer clay, and I mean a LOT.

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