donderdag 7 juni 2012

again veneer

Still busy with the veneer.
I made another attempt, I had come this far:

Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, they are taken at night.
When I tried to continue, this happened:
Several pieces fell out/broke off and a crack appeared.
That could all be repaired but that's no fun.
What to do?
I know! start a new....

I even like this design more than the ones before... 
In an aha!-moment I made a phonecall to the supplier of my veneer.
Before I knew it 30 minutes flew by; this man really knows all
about veneer!
I had this idea on how to fill the big C-volutes and he helps me to obtain 
what I am looking for. He thinks he has the perfect veneer for the job.
He also came up with some ideas of his own. I like that.
Great teamwork!
Only thing is, he has no spare time 'till friday before he can look further into
my order.
But lets be honest, I'm no Speedy Gonzales either.
When this fails, there is yet another option but if not absolutely necessary
I will avoid that one.

In the meantime, I will go on cutting when I have the time.
Progress is really slow but you know, before I would have thrown the lot out
of the window but now I am really having fun, even when things go wrong.
Can you believe that!?
Another update when there is progress!


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi, Gee!

    I would have given up AGES ago! But your perseverance is inspiring (and I am vowing to use this post as a lesson in my own life). Keep it up, girlfriend!

  2. Dear John, thank you for calling it perseverance, my children just call me stubborn :).
    perseverance sounds soooo much better :D