dinsdag 20 augustus 2013

Not all paintings visible-an explanation

In recent years I have purchased some real little paintings that will find their place in my house.

But those are not enough to fill the rooms by far.
For decades I have been a great admirer of a painter, in my vast opinion the best painter alive today.
And not just that, the best painter in -literally- ages.
So I had my heart and mind set on the use of these images.

As I don't want to steal someone else's work by bluntly copying from the internet,
I contacted this painter and asked for permission to download some of his work to use in my dollhouse and put it on my blog.
He got back to me in a very friendly e-mail, and told me he is OK with me downloading his work for use in the DH, prohibited I do not show the works on the internet and do not mention this artists name.
I fully understand and respect this.

So I will work the pictures in a way you will only see a white or a dark space in those picture frames.
I am sorry I cannot show you his magnificent work but a deal is a deal.
Thought I'd give you an explanation on what to expect on forehand.


zaterdag 17 augustus 2013

Game table put together

Hello Sweeties!

Hope you are all doing swell!
I'm up in the middle of the night to show you the game table.
Yesss, I have finally found some time to put it together and of course could not wait a moment longer to show you the result.
After I have been playing with it first, no surprise there.
Well, here it is, hope you'll like it:

As you can see there's a back gammon board under a chess/checkers/draughts board, and nine men's morris at the other end.

The picture in the middle shows the table when these two games slide away and reveal two backgammon games and in the middle a box closed with a lid that hides the pieces for the chess game.

The upper picture shows the two backgammon playing fields and the opened box
in the middle.

Still have to stain the legs but I decided to first give the table a skirt, so you won't see the box peeking out under the table anymore.
Now it looks just like underwear under a too short dress.

The skeleton of the table is limewood, and the veneers used are ahorn, cherry, limba, walnut root veneer and others.
Around the tableleaf is a small raised edge, so that for example dice do not easily fall off.

I liked working on this very much although I really had almost no time left for mini, so it was a scarce fifteen minutes here and there.
Big bummer was I accidently stained with a glossy stain while I wanted a matte finish.
But I can live with that ( can you really, Gee? can you??)......ermmm...I guess I have to now boohoooo.
I really would like the veneer to have a yellow-ish shine and an old look, so will be experimenting with some wax and chalk on it later this week.
It all has a bit of an unused feel to it so that has to change.

Sorry I have left you waiting for this post for so long but life's hectic, as you probably all can relate to.

Welcome to my new follower, I hope you feel right at home here; please do not hesitate to talk along.

I hope I can find time to do any mini again soon
Until then, take care of yourselves and don't forget to laugh and have fun!


maandag 5 augustus 2013

game table part 2

Hello readers,

Guess it is about time for a small update on the game table.

I know, I know.... I work fast as a snail...
but on my behalf: I have made some parts again...and again....and ag.... you get the picture, and it still has flaws (don't tell anyone).
Besides it has been hot hot hot over here, too hot to get any work done whatsoever and then really the only option left is to relax with a drink :)
I did not even get around to do any of the embroidering I planned to do.

As you can see, a lot of the gluing is done, now all it needs is a bit of sanding, making an opening lid, putting the pieces together, add an edge and varnish it all.
Keeping my fingers crossed it will work as I envisioned it.

Welcome to the new followers and thanks for joining!

Hoping you'll all continue to have a beautiful summer, my dear friends, and
big hugs to all of you,