zondag 3 mei 2015

Those darn vampires

Dear Friends and Followers,

Though I have tried to follow your activities, I may not have always succeeded.
But know I've missed you guys and gals, we've got a lot of catching up to do.
I do hope you are all well.

It has been far too long since I've done anything mini, and being horribly busy at the time due to all the chores I should have done these past months but did not do and thus have to do now, it will be some time before I do another post :s. That is, unless I find a way to divide myself in two or three, but if that is the case I will probably not do any chores but be very busy putting up a production line :D ;)

One of the positive things of my retraite is that I have got some more outlined ideas of mini things I want to try this next year, but more about that when the time is due.

My sweetheart of a daughter took me on a trip to Amsterdam, to get my mind off things, and we went to a rockconcert; some time later we did this again, only now I took her. It was a really nice opportunity to see each other in another perspective.
And what do you know,  after the concert yours truly even got kissed by the popstar LOLZ, Who will remain to be unknown btw.
We've got a saying over here, that goes: hoe ouder hoe gekker. Or: the older the crazier. Go figure haha. I'll show you the pics we took in the Rijksmuseum  another time. Now, back on topic. 

Couldn't keep my focus so this was an endless -so it seemed- practice in getting my mini stuff out-starting working on it for five minutes- putting it away again for weeks and so on.
But here it finally is...... a must have for every home ;)....... the ultimate Vampire Killing Box!

Mind you, boxes like this really did exist, this one is based on an 18th century one, and it contains:
- a vampire skull, with it's vampire teeth intact, and directions on it on where to find the most 
   vulnarable places on the skull in order to kill the vampire.
- a bible
- a rosary with cross 
- wooden stakes and a silver stake
- a bottle wich contains poison
- an empty bottle
- a bottle with holy water
- a little mirror
- a candlestick
- a gun and a bag of gunpowder, well filled
- a knife 
- garlick
- a cross (an extra, better be safe than sorry)
- cloths for cleaning up any mess

and hidden in the lid:
- drawings and instructions on how to kill a vampire and a notebook.

As you probably already noticed due to the scratches, this box has long been in use.



I used mahogany for making the box.

Don't know about you, but having this item at hand, I know I will sleep peacefully tonight ;).

Please take care and keep smiling your lovely smile,
Hugggggsss to you all,


PS: John, Simon, Andy: how are you doing guys?