zaterdag 14 september 2013

finally finished!

Good evening loyal readers,

The game table, I am glad to say, is finished.

Taking in consideration this, besides the simple bookcases in the library, is
the first piece of furniture I made, without having any instructions or measurements to begin with, in spite of the flaws I am quite satisfied with how it turned out.

Notice the bands of veneer go in opposite directions? that was the most fun to
work on. That and the sliding panels.
I've got a hunch that I will try my hand at more furniture in the future, simply because it is fun to experiment with.
And no matter the end result, you always try new ways and learn from it.

after sanding the (far too) glossy finish off, I gave the table a veneered skirt and put a matt varnish on. imho the skirt brings the table more in proportion.
The matte varnish is a lot better to my liking. It is the same varnish that was used on the bookcases in the library, it has a bit of a yellow-ish shine to it what doesn't make it look so new.

After that the table was smeared with a dark wax and then rubbed with a soft cloth.

So that is the game table.
Now off to new adventures.

By the way, have you all seen John's (Merriman Park) centerfold  pages :p in Miniaturas magazine? super! Again congratulations, John! (if you haven't, make sure you take a look!).

The past year so far has been very chaotic; I tried to work on minis so often, but every time I sat down to get started something more important came up.
That is why I posted so many pics of the gametable, when I show a lot of pics, maybe I can fool some of you in believing I actually worked hard on minis all summer ;) :D
Just kidding, hope I have some new stuff to show you in the next post.

Hope you'll all have a lovely weekend!