zaterdag 6 juli 2013

game table part1

Hello everyone,
Have been doing some work on the game table lately.

Made some parts, like the checkerboard.

I made the game parts the same way Debora was so kind to show us

These parts will later be inserted in the table, I'll  show you that in a later post.
(I see now I forgot to put a coin beside it, I'll do that when I show you the table in a later stadium).
That is, if I ever finish the darn thing.

Talking about furniture: I came across this pic while surfing the internet; isn't it just gorg? Yes it is, me knows :)

How I wish I could make that (working and out of the blue, of course). ;)

Let's see' what else is there to tell you..... Oh, I know.... I  did not show you my workspace yet.
Well, here it is.

Normally the table is packed with mini stuff, so to my standards it is very empty now. Erm... as you can see I did not clean the table before taking the pic, so this really is ''a moment out of the life of'' :))

I am typing  this on  my daughters' tablet; unfortunately my laptop refused to do anything  for me anymore, I am trying to get some sort of life back into  it.
that is, as long as it is not green or phones home.

Welcome to the new followers, I am very pleased to see you here and hope you will enjoy your visits.

I am still waiting for materials to arrive, until then the work on the powder room + bedchamber has come to a complete stand still.
That company is closed for holiday and as much as I support holidays, I do hope they hurry up :))
So far my slightly chaotic post.

Hope you all are enjoying lots of sunshine!

Sending you all a big hug,

Update: I believe I got my laptop to work again, yeahhh!
But it is so old now and I've fixed so many problems over the last years, it is a matter of time before it will go to PC-heaven.
Well, you will be the first ones to notice :)