donderdag 23 augustus 2012


Hi everyone and welcome to my new followers!

I have been real busy these past weeks; on the days that it was too warm
to my liking (like last Monday when it was 27 C or yesterday (25 C)
I did not do anything but drink and appreciate my airco, my God do I love that thing!
I assure you all, the person that invented the airconditioning deserves the Nobel peace prize!
These temperatures make me feel real humble for what nature is capable of.
I watched the flowers bloom, such a simple thing really, but have been too busy the past years to really notice them.
Here's a glimpse of my garden:

No bold colors in my garden, it's all white, pink and red (in winter). ................    
I did a real bad job trimming the buxus hedges this year so I will spare you the 
    sight of that.

Of course I saw the English Queen jump out of a helicopter on TV (is that cool or what?) and our Epke Zonderland win a gold medal on the Olympics.
Owh, what am I talking about... you probably all heard my sounds of encouragement (or, well, my yellling go..go..go!!!) and it obviously helped ;) You're welcome, Epke, excellent achievement!

In between chores, I managed to sort out miniature stuff,  finding all sorts of minis that I totally forgot I had! Instant happiness..
Did a little bit on mini too.
Okay, I admit, just a really, really tiny bit; I've put together some McQueenie mini's and paper minis and did a bit of work on the toy-shop. Also made legs for the table.
And, surprise surprise ! I even found the other little painting for a firescreen, that one that I forgot where I had put it, so it was not eaten by my cats after all!
Come to think of it, they DID seem to have a genuine innocent face when I had a ferm talk with them about the subject; but cats... you never know for sure as long as you are the food-provider.
I'll show a picture of the makings in the next post.

Still have to paint the downstairs ceiling of my real life house, help my daughter install a new bed, redo her room and redecorate my sons room, but I am getting there (though I do believe I need a holiday LOL).

After reading your inspirational posts and re-finding my minis miniatures are calling again; I decided I will work on some little items and the small backrooms first, because when that is finished I can turn the house around to work on the bigger front rooms AND my dearly beloved cats can't get into the finished rooms that way.

I really made an effort to follow your posts but not sure if none slipped through.
You are all improving your already outstanding work by every post,  please keep posting!

P.S.: So nice you can all reply now on your blogs, it is more like having a real conversation with each other this way. I like it!!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi Gee! Moet wqel lachen om je kattenverhaal: vals beschuldigd, foei! Mooie tuin, zeg, die planten staan er beter voor dan de mijne na die verschroeiende hitte van afgelopen weekend. Mijn hortensia's zijn compleet verschroeid!! Fijn, dat je weer wat inspiratie hebt opgedaan door andere blogs te bezoeken!! Ben benieuwd wat je in de volgende post laat zien ;)! Kom maar op :D!
    Groetjes, Ilona

    1. Hoi Ilona, ja dat wordt nu met een oog open slapen...;)
      Ik heb 15 hortensia's in de tuin staan maar sommige zijn echt enorme bossen geworden.
      Wat zonde dat de jouwe verschroeid zijn zeg, is dat van de warmte of zijn ze besproeid met water?
      In de volgende post laat ik simpele tussendoor-maak-mini's zien hoor, niks bijzonders, niet dat je straks teleurgesteld bent.

  2. Hell oGee,
    You have been and will be busy. I just love your garden. The pictures make it look liek one of the most beautiful and peacefull places on earth. I hope the weather gets cooler and your real life projects get done so we can see more of your minis.
    Have fun painting,
    Big hug,

    1. Hi Giac,
      This garden is but a small garden but in it are deckchairs and a hammock so I don't complain :)
      The weatherman predicted rain for the weekend and temperatures around 21C for next week, so I expect to get a lot of the real life things done next week.
      I can't wait to get back to minis!
      Thank you for your sweet comment,

  3. Hi, Gee!

    Your garden is divine --I'm afraid mine is nothing but weeds, this year! I'm loving your tranquil color pallet. Glad to hear you got your 'mini mojo' back. Don't work too hard!

    Big hugs,

  4. Hi John!

    Just before summer, when the weather forecast predicts a couple of days without any rain, I spray the tiles with vinegar.
    Smells awful for about one and a half week, but at least a half year no weeds!
    Thanks for your sweet comment John,
    Big hugs back at ya,

  5. Hello Gee!
    Well........late as usual.......but I am still here and I am admiring that amazing flower garden of yours! It is absolutlely lovely. Good luck finishing your other projects my friend! and yes AC is our best friend!
    Warm regard from Ray

  6. Hi Ray!
    Thanks for your sweet comment and the good luck wish, although it's all garden en no mini this time.
    I am glad you are still reading my posts and commenting on it too
    have a great day,
    big hug,