zondag 6 april 2014

Finally: The bedchamber -unfurnished

Hello All,

First of all I'm happy to  inform you that my computer problems are solved.
Or they seem to be.
Keeping my fingers crossed.
Now I am able to comment on your blogs again so brace yourself ;)

Many thanks to those of you who waited and waited ....and waited some more to see the pictures of the bedchamber, please accept my apologies it took me so long.

And now...... tadaaaaaa... here it is:

This is the front view, the door to the left in the back wall gives access to a small
walk in closet.

The back of the closet is not connected to anything, it just stands against the wall.
Once filled that way the closet can be easily opened from within the powder room to show it's content.

View from one of the right room windows:

The bed is going to be in the blank space in the middle.

Opposite side:

Once the curtains hang you won't see that ugly hooks anymore.

The cherubs are in pairs, a boy and a girl, although some fell off at the opening side and have to be re-glued.
My family weapon is up there as well, and my own children are in a way present in this room: They are in some of the paintings. Other tiny things they gave me over the years will find a place here too.

The panels in the back wall next to the doors may be there temporarily.
I am working on 2 mini paintings picturing my kids when they were little in 18th century clothing.
If they look any good once finished, maybe I will put them up there.
Just a thought to make the room even more personal.

The powder room is nothing more than a small creme box so I'll show you new pics of bedchamber and powderroom when furnished.

That is the next thing I will be working on, furnishing and
decorating these rooms. That can take a while though, since I have a lot planned for this summer, not mini related.

As I have removed the last blogpost due to the awful pics I have put up there, again a pic of the ceiling, more for my own documentation, really :)

I decided not to use a lot of the moulds I've made, the cherub faces and the roses were a bit too much to my liking.

Thanks for being my guest on this little tour, looking forward to seeing what you
have been up to!

Take care,


7 opmerkingen:

  1. Outstanding work! and congratulations on solving the problem with the computer. Mini hugs, Natalia

  2. Nou Gee, je bent er erg druk mee geweest, wát een werk, zeg, maar ik vind het wel erg mooi geworden! Vooral dat je er een persoonlijke touch aan geeft door portretjes van je kinderen voor deze kamer te gebruiken, dat vind ik een mooi idee! Ik ben benieuwd hoe deze kamer er uiteindelijk zal gaan uitzien.
    Na dik 14 jaar ben ik zelf uiteindelijk ook maar eens begonnen aan mijn grachtenhuis. Het is erg leuk om oude miniaturen te vinden en op te lappen/knappen, naar mijn maatstaven van deze tijd......en die erg zijn veranderd sinds ik een blog heb. Nu kan ik andere blogs opzoeken en vind ik (voor mij) veel nieuwe info om verder te kunnen bouwen aan mijn eigen huis en miniaturen te maken. Voor mij is de miniaturenblogwereld een brok aan info en wetenswaardigheden :D!!
    Ik hoop dat je ook nog een beetje van het mooie lenteweer hebt genoten?
    Fijne zondag en week toegewenst!
    Groetjes, Ilona

  3. It looks great Gee, love all the detail you put into it, especially all the small paintings. Looking forward to see how it is going to look with furniture and the accesories.

  4. Oh Gee, it is wonderful!
    I love the personal touches as well.

  5. Gee it's a very pretty room and by pretty I mean outstanding I love the photos and the attention to detail is just wonderful if I say I cant wait to see it furnished I really can't but I know you have things that need your attention too. this room is just wonderful..thank you for sharing it

    Marisa :)

  6. Hallo Gee, dat is een werkelijk prachtige kamer geworden! Al die kleine ornamentjes die heel precies opgeplakt moeten worden, het resultaat is 'stunning'!

    Groetjes, idske

  7. Thanks to each and everyone of you for leaving such sweet comments, it really is encouraging :)); again THANKS!
    big hugs,