zondag 7 oktober 2012

shop stuff

Hello there, Dear Readers!

Welcome to the new followers, glad you read along, the more the merrier!
Feel free to leave a reaction, I really love reading your opinions and ideas.

I hope everything is well with all of you.
Time flies when you're having fun, don't you agree?
The days are already shortening, getting more windy and rainy and I hope you are all well prepared for the approaching cold days.
I for one, have warm blankets ready piled up in a corner of the couch and thick, warm slippers are on stand-by for the first real cold day that comes along.
Winter is not going to sneak up behind me and catch me in surprise this year!

Amazing how quickly everything adapts to the cooler weather.
The white roses still bloom, other flowers seem to find them show-offs and have given up the idea of getting another sunbath.
They  have pulled on their gorgeous autumn-colored coat.
Genuine diva's, those trees and plants!
I always feel blessed to live in a 4 seasons country, although sometimes inconveniences arise (for example if it snows), but each season has its own charm and splendor.

sooooo .... before I really get to sound like a sentimental old tart, time for a change of subject:

I've enjoyed your blogs, what creativity and how inspiring!
Pick a topic and everyone has a different approach to it.
What possibilities!

Meanwhile I weathered the front of the shop a little and made the cabinets in the shop look worn and dirty.
There is a floor, the walls are papered, there is light

and there are even some toys.

And everywhere filthy fingers of children ... Well, that can hardly be avoided ...

There even is a counter

There are still lots of toys to be made but eventually the shop will be loaded.

Until yesterday I was still in doubt, but then I dug up a sled and a sweet-faced doll in knitted garments and now I am certain I'm going to add snow to the outside of the shop.

I also used the time (or wasted, just how you look at it) to think about how I want the storage room in the dollhouse to look like.
Because that is the next room that I plan to work on.
While summer lasted my mind was set on other things, but since the day it is getting colder outside I love to curl up in a chair, having a hot coffee or coco, thinking of  pastries, hog heads, pheasants and preserved foods .
So I've been searching my stash to gather stuff to go in the storage room.
The walls, the ceiling and the floor are already primed.
Originally there would be a floor tiled with small tiles, but the tiles I ordered are plastic ones and quite hideous, so I have not decided about that yet.

Today I made a day trip to Amsterdam, will tell you more about that next time.
At this moment I am floored.
Apparently I just wiped my eyes, unknowingly smearing my mascara over my face, because my daughter just casually informed if we have raccoons in the family-tree.
Time to call it a day!

Hope you all have a great week,

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi Gee!

    I hate it when the mascara runs, lol!

    LOVE the distressing on the shop. I am simply NOT going to comment on your 'filthy children's fingers' remark because (believe it or not) I have actually been accused of NOT LIKING the 'little ones,' when nothing could be further than the truth! I LOVE children...I just can't finish a whole one ;D

    I live in a four-seasons clime, too. And it IS kind of nice to hunker down and get ready and all comfy-cozy for the impending doom --I mean winter-- Don't you think? I usually mark the momentous seasonal occasion by switching from vodka and gin to whiskey and scotch...but I'm holding out until there's frost on the pumpkins...

    Those lovely shelves will no doubt fill up soon with all sorts of cool stuff, and you've got a great start, Gee!

    I'm going to close with two words: waterproof mascara.

    Big Hugs,

  2. Hi John!:D
    LOL Oh well, I nearly always have fun with children, but that is because they are so gullible, to be honest.
    And I say 'nearly' because some children are just a pain in the ***.
    What a harsh verdict is sentenced over you, though, by that person!

    About switching: Haha, I admire your perseverance! I hardly drink anymore, being the old *art I mean tart that I have become, it does not become me anymore.
    Oh, the boredom of ageing!

    Thanks so much for your reaction, sweetie.
    I see you have a new post up as well, so I am moving over to your site now :D
    Big hugs back to you,

  3. Almost forgot: you are so right.
    about the waterproof mascara.

  4. The shop looks great Gee and I love all the finger marks ;-)

    Winters here are very short, normally we almost have no spring and just jump into a seven to eight month long summer. I don't particularly like the very hot months.

  5. Hi Elga, Thanks for your kind reaction.
    I am glad it is not me having to clean the shop but the elders who run it ;)
    I hear it can get really really hot over there, that is not my cup of tea either.
    On the other hand, I hear your country is of an addictive beauty.
    How is your embroidery coming along?

  6. Hey Gee
    It looks wonderful. I am "toying" with the idea of building a shop and you are rapidly inspiring me.
    How did you do the aged effect? was it wood stain and then rubbed off with a rag? Hope you don't mind me asking. I always wish I could but when it comes to actually doing the ageing process I always chicken out!
    Have a great week and stay warm

  7. Hi Si!
    LOL it is nice to be of any inspiration to anyone at last *sigh* ;) and I don't mind questions, I should have explained it in my post but I forgot (speaking about ageing LOL).

    I would not use wood stain for ageing, because it is so definite.
    When it comes to ageing have I got a trick for you:
    I used pastel chalks: dark green, a light grey and some brown; I used sanding paper to shave some off from the pastel sticks, diluted each color with a really small amount of water and painted away using a small brush, one color at a time.
    No rubbing involved.
    You can also imitate rust this way, using other colors.
    The good thing about this method is: if you are not satisfied with the result you can just wipe it off and start allover again.

    This works great on fabrics too, only than it is not so easy to clean up.
    When you work on ready made wooden minis,like a table, be sparse with the water, you don't want anything to become warped.

    So you don't have to chicken out on this anymore, you go at it and be bold, it's fun!
    Thanks for your comment, Simon!

  8. Hi Gee!! Zo dat was me even een verhaal, heb er bijna jampotjes van gekregen, van het lezen dan, hè! Dat "verweren" doe ik ook op die manier, gaat goed en je kan "lekker knoeien" ;). Je winkel ziet er prachtig uit tot zover, zal me benieuwen wat het verder wordt. Dacht trouwens effies dat je je mascara voor het verouderingsproces had gebruikt :D!! Je bent me d'r wel eentje, heb lekker effe gelachen nu.
    Een speelgoedwinkel is trouwens erg leuk om te maken, maar je moet er wel wat voor over hebben wil je die vullen met veel spulletjes.
    Groetjes, Ilona

  9. Hoi Ilona! Haha, ja ik klets maar een eind weg... moet dat blog toch een beetje vullen he :D.
    Klopt, het is best veel werk om die winkel te vullen, maar op het internet barst het van de speelgoedwinkels dus voorbeelden genoeg.
    Leuk dat je dat verweren ook zo doet, vroeger durfde ik het niet maar op deze manier kun je je goed uitleven en het is weer eens wat anders dan alles keurig netjes.
    Bedankt voor je spontane reaktie!

  10. Your toyshop and the finish on the cabinets looks lovely. I too can't get to grips with the aged look but you've certainly got it mastered.

    We've got frost here this morning so winter is definitely on it's way and the warm slippers have been on for a week!

    1. Hi Irene,
      Thanks for your sweet comment!
      Just the other day I was admiring your attic store room and the purchases you made at Miniatura.
      That little soap dish is so lovely and I am just soooo curious to know what is in the green box in the second picture, it looks like a little treasure box!
      Hope you won't need that warm slippers too often.
      Again thanks for your reaction!

  11. Hello Gee,
    I'm glad you aged the building. It looks wonderful. You did a really great job of it. Congratulations. I think it will look wonderful with snow.
    Again, wonderful work.
    Big hug,

    1. Hi Giac!
      I am glad I aged it, too, it suits the 'building' better.
      Thanks for your lovely comment.