maandag 14 juli 2014

Dirty and worn off

Dear Readers,

Recently I was sorting out my shoes while thinking about what accessory next to make for my dollhouse .
Like most people, I own more shoes than I need.
Sport shoes, mountain climb shoes although I never climbed a mountain, high shoes, low shoes, chic shoes, shop shoes in which I can easy walk for miles  without getting sore feet, shoes that I only use for working in the garden, nice shoes and old, dirty&worn shoes that I actually have to throw away.

The latter, the old, dirty&worn shoes, crazy enough made me smile.
Because of course a dollhouse inhabitant would not only own beautiful, well-kept shoes.
Obviously she would have old, worn and maybe dirty shoes as well.
And she probably would also have a matching bag.

That evening I started embroidering and this is the result:

even if i sigh so myself ;)

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