zaterdag 17 augustus 2013

Game table put together

Hello Sweeties!

Hope you are all doing swell!
I'm up in the middle of the night to show you the game table.
Yesss, I have finally found some time to put it together and of course could not wait a moment longer to show you the result.
After I have been playing with it first, no surprise there.
Well, here it is, hope you'll like it:

As you can see there's a back gammon board under a chess/checkers/draughts board, and nine men's morris at the other end.

The picture in the middle shows the table when these two games slide away and reveal two backgammon games and in the middle a box closed with a lid that hides the pieces for the chess game.

The upper picture shows the two backgammon playing fields and the opened box
in the middle.

Still have to stain the legs but I decided to first give the table a skirt, so you won't see the box peeking out under the table anymore.
Now it looks just like underwear under a too short dress.

The skeleton of the table is limewood, and the veneers used are ahorn, cherry, limba, walnut root veneer and others.
Around the tableleaf is a small raised edge, so that for example dice do not easily fall off.

I liked working on this very much although I really had almost no time left for mini, so it was a scarce fifteen minutes here and there.
Big bummer was I accidently stained with a glossy stain while I wanted a matte finish.
But I can live with that ( can you really, Gee? can you??)......ermmm...I guess I have to now boohoooo.
I really would like the veneer to have a yellow-ish shine and an old look, so will be experimenting with some wax and chalk on it later this week.
It all has a bit of an unused feel to it so that has to change.

Sorry I have left you waiting for this post for so long but life's hectic, as you probably all can relate to.

Welcome to my new follower, I hope you feel right at home here; please do not hesitate to talk along.

I hope I can find time to do any mini again soon
Until then, take care of yourselves and don't forget to laugh and have fun!


24 opmerkingen:

  1. Thank you, Jane!
    Despite of the flaws I'm quite happy with it too :)).
    I like stuff that opens or slides open. And after all, it's all just try and learn

  2. Lovely work. Can't wait to see the skirt on it. IndyPoppy

    1. I'm glad you like it, thanks for commenting!
      hugs to you and your impressive doggie,

  3. Dear Gee,
    What a nice table! Did you buy the chess pieces or made them yourself?
    The table is perfectly made!!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Hugs Dorien

    1. Hello Dorien,

      glad you like the table!
      I bought the chess pieces a couple of years ago in Arnhem at the stand of Reina Mab from Argentinia
      It doesn't show that good in the picture but it is quite detailed (the horse has a horsehead that looks very good).

      Of course anyone who ever played chess notices in an instance I never have.
      Ah well! Thanks for commenting,

  4. Hi Gee, you did a magnificent job; the game table is spendid. Hugs, Liduina

  5. Hi Gee, sorry I'm late.
    What incredible work - you have the patience of a saint! I love all the decorative features, and especially the opening panels. It will look amazing once you complete the staining.
    Have fun...

    1. Hi Si,
      you are nowhere late and if you were I would so understand ;) :)

      Thanks for your sweet comment. While I generally have no patience at all, I can puzzle with these little pieces for hours and even have fun doing so, to my own astonishment LOL :)
      You have fun too!


  6. Hello Gee,
    This brings back memories. We had one in the house I grew up in and yours is just wonderful. You did such an amazing job. I am impressed by the level of detail and how accurately it is put together. I just love it. Congratulations, it is perfect.
    Big hug,

    1. Hello Giac,
      it amazed me how much I liked working on it, maybe that shows.
      Thanks for your lovely, inspiring and uplifting comment!


  7. Hi Gee,

    What a beautifully made table, so intricate and detailed! It certainly beats the cardboard games compendium we had as children!! The chess pieces are great. Are the decorative things along the sides of the table top for cribbage?

    I like the fact that the tops can slide in and out too, it's a great piece of work!!

    Andy xxx

  8. Hello Andy!

    Google translation just refuses to tell me what 'cribbage' means, but I guess the papers on the side are the Ikea instruction manual ;)LOL.
    I guess the veneered sides' (if that is your question) sole purpose is to put drinks on while playing a game.
    Lots of them, if you like playing board games as much as I do :s

    Glad it has your approval,:D, I'm a sucker for furniture that has moving parts (other than drawers and doors, t.i.)

    Thanks for your sweet comment!

  9. Alhoewel jij er niet om kunt lachen, Gee, moet ik dat wel een beetje :D!! Sorry, maar jij schrijft een post over een (speel)tafel in onderbroek zonder rok aan en met bleke "witte" benen (we hebben zon genoeg gehad deze zomer, hoor ;)), tenminste dat is zoals ik het gelezen heb.... Tuurlijk snap ik best wat je bedoelt, maar toch, het was zo geinig om te lezen :D!!
    Maar ik vind het wel erg jammer dat je per ongeluk de verkeerde vernis hebt gebruikt en dat de speeltafel nu niet mat is, dat zou inderdaad mooier zijn, denk ik.
    Jouw speeltafel is (met zijn gebreken vlgs jou dan) echt geweldig, een plaatje om te zien, dus chapeau/petje af, ik doe het je écht niet na, hoor!! Overigens heb ik nog nooit zo'n speeltafel gezien, het lijkt me geweldig om zo eentje eens in het echie te zien.
    Gee, nog een fijne zondag gewenst. Groetjes, Ilona

  10. hoi Ilona
    :D lol.
    Dank je wel voor je positieve comment!
    Het voorbeeld van de speeltafel komt van een foto, maar heb er zelf het opbergvak voor de speelstukken bij bedacht, anders moest dat weer in een losse doos.
    Heb de foto gewoon van internet geplukt, weet wel dat-ie hollands is.

  11. Hi Gee, I have missed many posts this summer and slowly catching up... The games table looks great! I love the different sliding playing boards.
    As for the shining surface, can't you sand it down with a fine grit and then rub it with a matt oil?

  12. Hi Josje,
    what a coincidence! I have sanded the table yesterday and gave it another, matt stain. Did not have a suitable oil at hand.
    Thanks for your nice comment!