zondag 12 mei 2013

What I did and why not

Good to see you again dear readers,

A very warm welcome to the new followers!
I very much appreciate and encourage your input on all levels and am always happy with your comments.
So please don't be a stranger :)

We have had some pretty days over here, temperature-wise, so I have been
tidy-ing up the garden -not finished yet- and did not work on the house much.
However, I did do something:

This is my house as it looked like on delivery, without the backrooms, and in the picture you can see where the bedchamber will be positioned; the powder-room will be located behind the bedchamber, but as said, you can't see that on this picture.

I have made a cherry veneer floor for the bedchamber and the powderroom.
The thresholds will be added when the doors are finished and in place, same thing goes for the plinths.
I gave the floors some wear and tear, I kinda like that.

The good news is I have found a solution for the wallpaper I designed, I managed to get it on the walls using transfer paper.
In hindsight that is so simple, don't know why that did not come to mind earlier.

The bad news is seeing the wallpaper in place I don't like it AT all!
The pattern is too busy or too plain or too bleak, anyways, it is not what I would want in my own bedroom , and that is more or less the criterion.
So without hesitation, out of the window it goes!

At first I wanted to panel all walls of this room in cherry wood, but although I just luvvv cherry (it can look  ever so sophisticated) I thought it might make the room too dark to my liking.
So then I came up with this wallpaper idea.
Well, now I have come up with another idea.
But I keep the cherry on the backhand in case I am horrified by the next attempt.
So, although this looks like an update, there is not really much change :(
Ah, but it's a good blog filler grinnnnn :D

In my last post I mentioned the beds I have got in my stash, I have the choice between these three fourposters -'cos I am just a sucker for fourposters-:

very plain... but, using bed hangings and all, you won't actually see the bed anyway

And there's these two beds I once bought at a fair:

last but not least:

I have known which bed I am going to use since the moment I bought it, but I am keeping it a secret for now; all three of them have potential.

When at first thinking about a bedchamber it was kind of a given that the bed would be placed in an alcove; I let that plan go as well; why doing all the work of decorating a bed when it is in an alcove and can hardly be seen?

And yes, it IS going to be a lot of work to dress whatever bed will be the chosen one; with the little time I have to spend on the house, it will take me months.
On the other hand: that is a nice teaser to leave you with :)

As soon as I have anything finished, the game tables, the powder room or the bedchamber, I will see you again on this blog.
'Till then, and in the meantime: take care of yourself and enjoy the spring/summer.


12 opmerkingen:

  1. Dear Gee,
    What a wonderful job you did.When you think the paper is to bright....I read somewhere they us coffee to get it darker.Maybe you can try that on a piece of paper before trying it on your wall paper.
    What a wonderful beds !
    Hugs Dorien

  2. Dear Dorien,

    The transfer stuff leaves a plastic film on the walls, so I think coffee will drip right off :).
    but it is a great advise for normal wallpaper.
    Thanks for your comment and hope you had a great Mothersday!

  3. Hi Dorien
    I love what you have done with the bedroom, the powder room behind sounds really interesting.
    I'm afraid Im terrible when it comes to age-ing things - al my work ends up looking too new! if you know what I mean.
    Cant wait to see how the room progresses
    Simon x

    1. Hi Simon,
      Hahaha it's Gee :)

      The powder room is really going to be a very very small, I would say tiny room lol.
      But it's a great way to store the wigs I've got.
      And nothing wrong with looking new, your work looks great.
      Thanks for your nice comment!
      GEE ;)

  4. Hello Gee,
    I love that you are going to keep at it until you get the room exactly the way you want it! The floor is a gorgeous start...the finish is beautiful. THe beds are all wonderful. I cannot wait to see which you pick...and more importantly how you dress it.
    Big hug,

  5. Hi Giac,
    Thanks for leaving such a nice comment and for your compliment on the floor.
    Hopefully the next try will be totally different, still learning with each step!

  6. Hi Gee,

    Well, why not have half paneling in the bedroom, in the lovely cherry wood, and paint the wall above with some suitable colour, or a damask style fabric? some nice gilt framed pictures would look good against that. The beds are nice, I await to see which you choose with interest!! ;)


  7. Hi Andy!
    I was thinking cerulean/teal to match the silk fabric I'm going to use for the bed cover and -hangings, gold and creme.
    But your suggestion is great too.
    I will try both and see which I like best :)
    Thanks for your input, appreciate it!!:D

  8. Hè nou is Andy me net voor, ik wilde hetzelfde voorstellen na het lezen van je blogpost :)!
    Ik vind de vloer geweldig mooi, het zal me benieuwen welk bed je gaat kiezen, Gee! Die blauw/groenblauwe kleur is geweldig mooi, maar ja, ik ben niet voor niks een "blauw"-fan ;)!
    Groetjes, Ilona

  9. Hoi Ilona,
    bedankt voor je compliment over de vloer, ja mooi is die kleur he, ben er zelf ook helemaal weg van.
    Ik loop flink achter met reageren op blogs, want druk druk druk maar binnenkort haal ik dat in hoor

  10. I don't think I've ever seen a pic of your entire house --it's so elegant! Sorry your wallpaper didn't work out after figuring out how to install it, but --oh, well!-- whatever you decide upon for your 'bedchamber walls' will no doubt be entirely exquisite. (I like the cherry idea --or how about painted, paneled walls? (Then the powder room could have a coordinating paper). You sure have lovely beds to choose from! Glad to hear you finally have some nice weather (us too, thank god)!

  11. Hi John!
    Great to hear from you, it seemed like you vanished since your last post.
    I hope that's because you are having such a good time :)

    You know, I got so overwhelmed by the different options for these rooms that at the end I did nothing at all but doubt.

    Plus, there are some things I want to integrate but wasn't sure 'cos I don't want to overdo it too much but still want to overdo it, in a way that suits the room.
    Doubt if that makes any sense at all.

    Anyway,I have already started work on the walls/doors/ceilings last week.
    I've got a hunch (if that's an existing word)
    you'll like the rooms when finished but you can tell me blunt if you don't.

    Thanks for the sweet compliments and ideas, and yeahhhhhhhh!! on the fact that the weather where you live is better too,! :D

    Dying to see what you bought and got at the Chicago show!!