zaterdag 23 februari 2013


Hello dear readers and a warm welcome to new followers!

Being  real fond of using herbs and spices while cooking and using essential oils for minor discomforts, of course I had to have some fresh herbs in the storage room as well.

After looking for a tutorial on making herbs for years, I never succeeded in finding one.
It just did not seem to exist.
That is, until two weeks ago when I bought the latest edition of a Dutch dollhouse
magazine, Dolls House Nederland, and there it was: a tutorial on how to make herbs.

I did not make all the herbs in the tutorial, but I managed to make enough herbs to also hang some to dry; did not show those in the picture, still have to figure out how and where to hang a thread in the storage room for the herbs to hang on.

I made a crate out of some left over scraps of wood, dropped it on my work
table from about a meter high, did that several times and glued the parts that
let loose back in a very sloppy way.
Then watered down some acrylic brown and black and painted the whole using that solution.

Next step was to fill the crate with paperclay (as my real clay turned out
to be hard as a brick), put holes in the paperclay where I wanted to place the herbs, paint it with black acrylic paint, and let that dry.
After it was dry, I smeared wood glue on the top side and covered the glue in coffee to imitate soil.
Then the herbs, roots dipped in wood glue, were planted and voila!

I think it turned out to be a nice little addition.

Next things I will be working on are a little powder room (think wigs!) and altering some tables into gaming tables using veneer.

It may take some time before I post again, 'cos when I first thought of these little projects the execution of it was very simple.
But the more I think about it, the more ideas pop up in my head and it gets more
labor-intensive by the day (and that's just the plans!).
Bet you all know what I am talking about.
Ah well, we'll see how it turns out.
Don't forget to have fun every single day, see you!


By the way: does any of you know how Ray is doing?

Next: the Powder Room

14 opmerkingen:

  1. Dear Gee,
    I love your herbs in a crate. The last thing I've read about Ray was ... he's selling his dollhouse.
    Greetings Dorien

    1. Hi Dorien,
      thanks for your comment and yeah, that is the last thing I've read too :S

  2. Lovely planter! The leaves look very real and fresh! ;)

    1. Thanks, Eliana!
      It is a pity they don't have a real herb-smell to it; a couple of years ago I planted real herbs in every free space I could find in my real garden.. whenever the wind blew just a little bit it smelled great!

  3. I love the herbs! I think my favorite minis are garden beds, herb pots and flowers. Like having a little summer all year, in your hand of course ;P

    1. Thanks for your nice comment, Jane!
      Initially I wanted to plant the herbs in red clay pots, but, story of my life, I couldn't find them in my stash.
      Summer in your hand sounds lovely :) but it wouldn't hurt to have some real summer outside too, or at least some spring; it is freezing again over here :S

  4. Hi Gee, mooie krat met kruiden, zeg, goed gedaan. Je kunt dat kratje ook nog bewerken met kleine dingen om er putjes en blutsjes in te maken, dat dan weer bijkleuren met waterige acrylverf. Ik bekijk altijd ter plekke wat ik ermee doe om te verouderen. Je had me dat gevraagd, maar het is elke keer verschillend: gewoon lekker knoeien en dan maar zien. Je gevoel achterna gaan, zoals je nu ook hebt gedaan.
    Zag het artikel overigens ook in the dollshouse staan. Wat Dorien zegt over Ray klopt, heb het ook gelezen op zijn blog!
    Fijn weekend, groetjes, Ilona

    1. Hoi Ilona!
      Meis, zit je nou ziek nog te reageren op mn blog? das wel superlief.
      Goeie tip van de putjes en blutsjes, ik sla 'm op op de hardeschijf in mn hoofd :)
      Neem een lekkere borrel en word snel weer beter :)
      Groeten, Gee

  5. Lieve Gee, de kruiden zijn superrrr mooi geworden en ze staan ontzettend leuk in het houten kistje !
    Ik wens je een hele fijne zondag :)

    Lieve groetjes Mieke

    1. Dank je wel, Mieke, jij ook een hele fijne zondag gewenst!

  6. Hi Gee, your herbs are just wonderful!

    I guess Ray is very busy preparing for the class that they are teaching at the Chicago show in April.

  7. Thanks Elga, for your sweet comment AND update :)

  8. Hi Gee! OMG, your herbs look so real! You will have to show them in place. Thanks for sharing the tutorial; you make it seem fairly easy but ...I don't know! Someday I'll muster the kajones to try it myself! XOXO, John

  9. I am sure it will be no problem for you, John, it seems everything you make is so easy to do for you and with such stunning results!
    thanks for your so appreciated comment,
    big hug,