maandag 14 mei 2012

Tonight I was searching the internet for houses that I could put on my wishlist to see if I ever get the opportunity.
I came across this link:

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  1. Hello Gee,
    It sound like you had a wonderful time! Thank you for this post. i had never heard of Dennis Severs" House and will definetely put it on my to do list.
    have a wonderful week,

  2. What an extraordinary place! I want to go right now and see it...great post, Gee, you captured it beautifully.

  3. Actually John and Giac, I just took the text from another site.
    Can't take credits for what I did not do
    *think* *think again* nope, I don't think I would get away with that ;)
    Yes, it does sound like a special place, doesn't it?
    I think I like the idea too, so different from just strolling through an old house

    26 mei 2012 16:18